STEM Careers

I was so excited a few years ago when a senior student came up to me and said “I really like Chemistry. What can I do with it as a job?”. While it may be true that the jobs that today’s students will have do not exist yet, it’s still helpful to know a bit about the fields you’re interested in and see role models already working in those fields.

Here are some Australian resources to promote careers in STEM with young people that can be used in the classroom – either as printable posters, printed or online resources to direct students to, or videos to season you lessons with, to provide context and relevance to learning.

MYFUTURE Bullseye Career Posters

This website provides pdf posters of possible careers that follow on from subjects at school, at different qualification levels.

DIGITAL CAREERS linked to here:

Similar to the career bullseyes above, this site provides an interactive career wheel for the digital/IT sector. Each link is connected to more information about the job e.g. a video with more details.

CAREERS WITH… magazines

These magazines highlight people, careers and research with their magazines, available online and hardcopy sent out to schools.

Careers with Code:

Careers with Maths:

Careers with Science:

Careers with Engineering:

The website also has career profiles in many areas under “People”:

Australia’s Science Channel – Women in STEM series

This series put out by Australia’s Science Channel showcases women in STEM careers. From marine biology to robotics, astrophysics to architecture, these videos cover the day-today of many STEM careers from the perspective of women.


Reports on Australia’s STEM workforce, produced by the Office of the Chief Scientist, are often presented in infographic format, making them easy to digest and promote to students on the importance of pursuing STEM careers.