Design Inquiry Skills

We have investigation folios in many subjects within the Australian Curriculum – where tasks require students to deconstruct problems, pose questions, perform investigations, evaluate methods and write justified conclusions.

As part of our Design Inquiry Series, we highlight some tried and tested strategies for building the skills of design inquiry in class, especially in science.

Check out each of the posts in the series through the links below:

0. It’s not fair

– teaching the concept and purpose of fair tests

1. So variable

– how to use a variable grid to deconstruct a problem and plan for a fair test

2. Building critical evaluation skills

– Use a MER chart to logically and critically evaluate the method and suggest improvements.

M – method

E – errors

R – recommendations

3. Getting a good conclusion

– Use the CER format to write a justified conclusion based on the results.

C – claim

E- evidence

R- reasoning

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