We are available to run teacher workshops on a variety of topics relating to STEM, integration, building skills, and contemporary curriculum and pedagogy.


Future PD:

Learning4all, Friday 24th May 2019. Preparing students with the skills for engagement and retention in STEM.

The workshop will provide information about designing a contemporary curriculum that is Future Focused. We will look at the key capabilities essential for all students as we enter the transition into the fourth industrial revolution, and how STEM teaching and learning is integral to the development of these skills. The workshop will unpack the why and how of these key skills, including problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, embedded literacy and numeracy and communication. This workshop will allow participants to explore, discuss and share strategies and ideas about the following key aspects:

  • What is the implication of the fourth industrial revolution on the future of education
  • Why are key skills, capabilities and dispositions for today’s students so important?
  • What are the opportunities inherent in STEM subjects and pedagogy for the development of these key skills
  • How can you as educators and leaders facilitate the authentic integration of these skills in to your teaching and learning plans?

Register for this workshop through Learning4all here.

Past PD:

SASTA Early Career Teacher conference, 12th October 2018. Preparing for the future with a skills-based classroom. Resources here.

Content is ubiquitous and constantly changing – anyone with access to the internet can find knowledge almost instantly. Knowing more than the person next to you (or robot next to you) is no longer an advantage – rather, it’s what you can do with that knowledge and the skills you bring. Skills should be the driver, with content being the vehicle of context. Learn more about the important skills and dispositions for future preparedness, and how these are being developed in real classrooms.

SASTA Annual Conference, 16th April 2018. STEM UP! A how to guide to keep girls engaged in STEM.

Explore strategies to increase participation and engagement of girls in STEM subjects. Learn about what curriculum-aligned STEM teaching and projects can look like in the middle school. Hear stories of whole school science inspiration and successful increased participation.

SASTA Conferences, 2017. Keep calm and throw out your textbook. More details here.

SASTA Conferences, 2016. Design Inquiry skills in the science classroom. More details here.